Register with CreditHQ this month and give a boost to a small business in a less privileged country

vineyard pakistan

Our goal at CreditHQ is to help SMEs run their businesses more efficiently, by providing them wth a simple tool to understand the financial health of everyone they are trading with – ensuring their businesses become successful. However, in under-developed countries, many aspiring entrepreneurs don’t have the financial ability to even get started, and that’s where Lend with Care comes in.

Lend with Care is an innovative micro-finance charity; pairing up entrepreneurs in developing countries with people in more fortunate parts of the world, who loan those entrepreneurs money in order for them to transform their lives through business. The loans are paid back in affordable amounts to Lend with Care as their businesses flourish, and without unfair interest rates.

Throughout January, we’re donating all of the CreditHQ Standard subscription fees to Lend with Care, to pass along as loans to entrepreneurs and small businesses in these countries, so they can take the first step to setting up business – be it setting up a clothes shop in Pakistan, or buying a buffalo in Vietnam! Read more about who you can help here

To date, almost 26,000 lenders have made 251,510 loans – lending over £8m to over 27,000 entrepreneurs, providing 33,000 jobs and making a HUGE difference to the lives of all those involved.


So if you’re looking to make a difference that really counts this January, why not sign up to CreditHQ and know that as you’re helping to manage your own business cash-flow and finances, you’ll also be assisting someone who could really do with a hand this new year!

Learn more and sign up here:

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