Bond is back: how to turn spying to your advantage in business with £10 off CreditHQ!


Do you know when your customers are really going to pay you…will it be within the timeframe you agreed on, or are you going to be waiting for months simply because you haven’t investigated who you’re trading with?

On average, almost two-thirds (60 per cent) of SMEs in the UK (research courtesy of Sage), have had to wait over 60 days or more for payment; while almost half (47%) have experienced waits of 90 days or more.

As a result, cash-flow suffers, and small businesses suffer. Across Europe, there are over 20 million small businesses; many of them facing the same problem – they don’t have the information they need to manage late payments and they don’t have the expertise to improve cash flow.

15,000 UK Businesses become insolvent every year!

You can avoid becoming one of these statistics by honing your James Bond espionage skills and signing up to CreditHQ to start checking out who you’re doing business with! And to celebrate the launch of the latest Bond film, Spectre, we’re giving everyone the chance to sign up to CreditHQ for only £15 a month!

For less than 50p a day, you’ll be able to see payment and credit information of every company you’re trading with – showing you details such as company information, how good or bad a credit risk they are, and what’s most important to many small businesses – when they are likely to pay you. What’s unique about CreditHQ is our Insight Engine, which provides you with information and alerts about what action to take when a business’ credit or payment details change.

You’ll also get access to our new ‘Collect’ page where you’ll be able to download our handy email templates to help you get paid on time – from chasing your invoices, collecting debts and issuing credit terms to the companies you trade with.

To take advantage of accessing CreditHQ for £15 a month (rather than the usual £25), just enter BONDHQ in the  voucher code box when you sign up to a Standard subscription

Make sure you know the nitty gritty about who you’re doing business with!

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