Ormsby Street chosen for the Boost programme at The Next Web in Amsterdam!


We’re thrilled to have been chosen from thousands of start-ups to participate in TNW Boost on 23-24 April, a programme dedicated to accelerating the growth of early-stage startups from all around the world. We will be using the event to showcase CreditHQ – our free online tool that allows small businesses to check the financial health of the customers they invoice.

We’re excited to be able to use ‘TNW Boost‘  to launch CreditHQ’s new insight engine. This will provide even greater insight for small businesses wishing to check the financial health of customers or suppliers.

Martin Campbell, MD stated: “Late invoice payment is an integral reason behind the cash-flow issues that so impact on a small business’ ability to grow,”  “This is a global problem, so we have taken complex and sophisticated financial information and created a next-generation digital tool to help businesses make good decisions about customers, suppliers and themselves.”

The simple credit and payment indicators allow users to easily understand the financial risks of working with individual companies, and provide an initial insight into their financial stability. This initial indication can then be expanded upon by upgrading to the Standard, more detailed service.

The Standard package costs £25 per month and provides a more detailed credit and payment score, as well as unlimited up-to-date financial information such as: net worth, assets, liabilities, sales, and details of adverse credit events; providing small businesses with invaluable financial information that gives insight into their real cash-flow position and awareness of potential upcoming problems for businesses that they deal with.

CreditHQ also provides alerting tools – weekly emails sent out to subscribers alerting customers to changes in the financial status of a company, such as a drop in credit rating or an increase in the length of payment receipt – ensuring users stay on top of their customers’ and suppliers’ changing financial status.

The Next Web Boost is a landmark event for start-ups and we are hugely excited about showing the world our new insight engine,” continued Martin Campbell. “We believe there is no other company currently using fintech in the way that we are and look forward to getting feedback from the array of investors, media and technology firms at TNW.

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