Burns Night: A haiku for CreditHQ!

Scots around the world, are today gathering together to celebrate Burns Night with poetry recitals and suppers often consisting of (delicious?!) haggis, neeps and tattiescranachan, and traditionally washed down with ‘uisge beatha’ (the water of life-  aka whisky!).

Robert Burns (1759-1796), is widely recognised as the national poet of Scotland, and these celebrations of his work and life began as far back as the late 1700s – with suppers laid on by his friends to celebrate the anniversary of his death. After his death, he became recognised as a cultural icon of Scotland and a figurehead of liberalism and socialism, and his poetry has long stood the test of time.

robert burns

And to join in with the poetic nature of today, Stuart, our head of engineering has composed this fine ditty 🙂


“Should I trade with them?
And will I get paid on time?
CreditHQ can help you!”
(Stuart Dawson)

If, like us, you’re in London and are looking where to go for a wee dram this evening, or fancy tucking in to some haggis; here are a few suggestions: http://www.barchick.com/where-to-go-on-burns-night/ and http://www.standard.co.uk/goingout/attractions/where-to-celebrate-burns-night-in-london-9980806.html

Happy Burns Night!

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