Small businesses of 2014: A year in review

In a year where we celebrated 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Scotland chose to stay in the UK, we said goodbye to Robin Williams and broke twitter with a selfie (Ellen Degeneres at the Oscars,, here are some small business which also captured our attention in 2014…

Cappuccino Ads – we put the brand in their hand


An Edinburgh based enterprise that prints your company’s message on biodegradable cups and gives them to independent coffee shops. While the customer is enjoying their coffee, they’re also enjoying your message.



The Housecrowd – The smarter way to invest in property…

housecrowd-logoThe House Crowd is a great new way you can invest small amounts in property via ‘crowdfunding’.

“It’s the smarter way to grow your savings”

Most people recognise property investment is a solid way to grow your wealth. However, it usually requires a large pot of money to buy properties and managing them can be very time-consuming.

Housecrowd use the power of crowdfunding to enable investors to pool their resources, spread their risk over a number of different properties and earn great returns.


Serious Games International – Creating engaging business solutions

serious-games-internationalSerious Games International uses games technology to create engaging business solutions that add value and guarantee Return On Investment.

Working across multiple sectors, Serious Games International deliver products and solutions in serious games, games based learning, simulation training, gamification, 3D Intelligent Avatars, Augmented reality, emerging technology and cross platform app development. The solutions can be utilised within sales and marketing, training, learning and development, human resources and overall organisational efficiency.


post&place – The right candidate, the right fee, fill your vacancy fast, for a fee you set

pnp-logoPost & Place is designed to make hiring easier for you, and to give you back control of how much it costs.

Post & Place is a free, easy to use platform, where employers and recruiters can connect, communicate and agree on a fair price to do business.


First mile – Easy recycling for businesses

firstmileFirst Mile are London’s leading recycling company. Collecting from 10,000 businesses in London 24 hours a day all year round. We make recycling for businesses easy, helping you save money and reduce your environmental impact.


Affordable Art Fair

AAF-finalThe Affordable Art Fair’s formula is simple: a relaxed, inspiring environment and a diverse range of quality contemporary art at affordable prices.



Wyke farms – welcome to our world

Wyke FarmsSince 1861, our family has been proudly making the finest quality, great tasting Farmhouse Cheddar. Traditionally produced at Wyke Farms in the heart of the Somerset countryside, our multi award-winning and UK best-selling Cheddar range is still made using our Grandmother, Ivy Clothier’s, age-old recipe.



and of course…

CreditHqLogoXmas– Providing big insight for small business

CreditHQ provides financial insights to ensure your business is trading with the best customers & suppliers and most importantly we help you get paid on time! Know which company’s financials are heading in the wrong direction, find out when someone starts paying all their suppliers late, and spot the trends ahead of time so that you can take the action needed to protect your business.

Have a great Christmas and New Year, from all of us at Ormsby Street!

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